Core Solutions is wonderful! Only 5 people per group which allows for much personal attention.. The reformer equipment is great. Peggy is a top certified Pilates trainer. In less than 2 weeks I'm returning to my shapely self and people are noticing. Time and money is so worth it! Thank you Peggy

Diane B. [ 9/15/16 ]

It's been over a year now and still doing Pilates with Peggy. In addition I went to my first Spinning class and was a great workout and a tremendous challenge. Peggy continues to provide a fun atmosphere to come each week.

Carol W. [ 5/13/16 ]

I've been taking classes with Peggy for the past 6 months. She's professional and knowledgeable, and she explains each task clearly so we can follow along and do it correctly. Her classes are small and she is able to modify the exercise for those of us with injuries or other health issues. She encourages us to get the most out of her session. I look forward to my two classes a week.

Batel Y. [ 2/3/16 ]

I highly recommend you take Peggy's class. If you are new Pilates like me, a private class would be very helpful. For my first time, I had a consultation with Peggy. I struggled a lot at the beginning, but Peggy was very patient. She was very helpful and explained the reason for why I have back pain, which is because I have had poor posture for years, and I've found that Pilates resolves the real, underlying issues for that pain. While I've been working out 4-5 times per week for years, I find Peggy's class to be more challenging. Peggy has helped me a lot to build body strength. Every class is like the first time (I'm not kidding) because I feel sore every time, but I know this means I am building muscle. I have been her student for over 5 weeks, and I can already see and feel the results. My doctor and husband actually complimented me on the arm muscle tone. I can see my abs are stronger. Furthermore, this pilates class helps me to perform my cardio workout better. I feel much better than before, and I really enjoy her class.

B.E. [ 10/9/15 ]

I did prenatal pilates once a week with Peggy and she was great! I had lower back pain and general stiffness in my hips and I always left her studio feeling great and pain free. Peggy listened to my concerns and knew how to fix them. The exercises are gentle and Peggy was very mindful of my condition. The workouts were different each time and she spent the first and last 5 minutes of the session stretching/working on my knots which helped immensely. I also believe I was able to bounce back from delivery much more quickly because of Peggy's workouts! I would highly recommend Peggy for prenatal pilates.

Neha A. [ 10/2/15 ]

I am a unique client, since I am completely blind and heard of Peggy's classes through another blind friend who also takes her group reformer classes. Peggy is awesome in verbal cues and if your position isn't correct in any way she is constantly watching and going back and forth to all the reformers making sure your form is absolutely perfect! I've been an athlete all of my life. Running, cycling, outrigger paddling, all as a visually impaired woman and never has an exercise kicked my tush like pilates! Only after two classes I can tell Peggy's classes are going to be challenging, but in a good way. Each time feels like the first time. I am so anxious for the next time. What I love about Peggy particularly is that she starts her classes right on time. Pretty darn professional!!

Ana Paula P. [ 8/23/15 ]

How lucky am I to have found a pilates studio right in my backyard of Irvine. Not only was it close, but the teacher is exceptional! I am a 65 year young lady in July and my body has been transformed like a 40 year old woman with more flexibility, strength and motivation to keep up the good work from my instructor Peggy. She is truly an expert when assessing a persons ability young or old and understands different physical conditions that one has as they use the reformer and get instruction with modifications if needed. I have been in a group setting for the last 2 years at "Core Solutions" with a friendly hello and motivation from other students of Peggy's I will always be faithful to keeping myself fit with the professionalism that Peggy brings to class every day. When I had a chance 6 years ago at another gym to use the pilates reformer my instructor did not seem to have the dedication to her students like Peggy does. What a wonderful and inviting not at all intimidating environment that Peggy has created for her clients. When I get compliments on how good I look, I know it's my hard work and dedication but also my teacher Peggy is the whole package.

I highly recommend Core Solutions in Irvine especially if you are new to pilates!

Linda B. [ 5/18/14 ]

Started going because of a Groupon deal and bought 20 more sessions. I really like the slower pace, small classes and class times as late as 8pm. I've tried other classes but I don't like the fast paced cardio type studios.

Brenda G. [ 5/12/14 ]

I herniated a disk in my back last year and turned to Pilates. I tried multiple studios before finding Peggy. The classes helped me recover from my injury and helped me return to cycling and running. I can always count on Peggy's class to challenge me and to work the fine muscle groups.

I started on a Groupon and have continued to return despite having better deals elsewhere. I find the quality of the hour I spend with Peggy is much higher than the experiences I have had with other studios. Peggy provides correction in form as needed and I have never left the class feeling unchallenged like I have at other studios.

Peggy is always quick to respond to text about scheduling the classes. Her schedule for classes is consistent from week to week. I like the personal nature of the studio. Peggy knows my name and she has taken the time to learn details about me. I have attended her classes 2-3 times a week for around 10 months. After a 2 month hiatus to save money for my wedding I have returned to the studio and I look forward to continuing at the studio.

Amanda W. [ 3/5/14 ]

I love this studio. I also found through groupon because the deal was so good. I continued to take classes after my deal was done, and continue to love the classes. I work long hours and Peggy is great to have late evening classes to accommodate. She has also been great at making sure I can get the classes I need. For affordable, quality Pilates, I recommend this studio.

Michelle A. [ 2/2/14 ]

This is my fifth year of being a private weekly student with Peggy Tung. I might be her oldest senior citizen client who still holds down a full time physically demanding job. Anytime I have fallen I can get right up and thank my pilates training for my resilience. Peggy Tung has always been a compassionate trainer to me. When I am in any physical pain I know where to call. Peggy is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the human anatomy. She makes time to help me remedy my physical pain through pilates and adjustments.

Deanna W. [ 12/14/13 ]

It has now been over three months of Pilates classes at Core Solutions. Pilates is such a great way to strengthen your core and just tone.

Julia K. [ 7/25/13 ]

I started out in October using a Groupon. I have never had a problem scheduling a class. I think it is a exceptional workout. I enjoy it so much that I have continued going after my groupon expired even though it is pricey. I have lost several inches and feel toned and tighter. It is not intended to be a cardio workout as another Yelper complained about. It is meant to strengthen and stretch your muscles, you still need to walk or bike or swim for cardio. Peggy is informative and attentive during class. It is a good combination of challenging moves and relaxing ones.

Wendy L. [ 3/5/13 ]

I am a current Groupon user doing 20 classes and I find Peggy to be very attentive and a good instructor. I am a frequent Groupon user for various fitness classes in this area and my experience with Peggy has been very good. She was responsive in setting up my classes and gives a good workout. I have completed 17 of my 20 classes and look forward to my final 3.

Jada R. [ 2/14/13 ]

My senior aged body has found Peggy Tung and her fully equipped Pilates Studio a gratifying haven for keeping my body toned and shaped. I first came seeking relief to a knee pain acquired from a personal gym trainer. Not only did I find relief but after two years of faithful bi-weekly workouts, my body shape has, even at a very senior age, changed. During this period Peggy has expertly and compassionately led me out of two episodes of limping. She opens her studio for me to workout my knee pains. When I see people in walkers or limping with a cane I want to run up and tell them about Peggy's expertise. I have seen my muscle bowed legs straighten, my thick thighs become lean with hard muscles.

Ellie W. [ 8/10/10 ]

I began training with Peggy at Core Solutions a year and a half ago. Really, it was a shot in the dark - I saw the studio on my way to work, had always heard about pilates, and figured I'd give it a try. Having grown up dancing 14+ hours a week, I was acutely aware that in my time since high school (when I stopped dancing), my body's flexibility and overall health had taken a turn for the worse. In the years leading up to my ultimate decision to try pilates, my posture had gotten pretty awful, I was having upper back and neck pain, and I was dealing with stress-induced TMJ. Although I loved dancing, other forms of aerobic exercise never really got me motivated. Before trying out Core Solutions, I was struggling to enjoy how I looked and felt.

The first day was great - Peggy was the ultimate professional, and gave me a great introduction into what pilates could do for me, personally. She was not pushy about me purchasing additional sessions, nor overbearing in her instruction. I signed up immediately after that day - I bought more sessions for the greater discount (worth it for me). As time went on, I started having to pinch my pennies in other avenues of my life so that I could continue taking classes with Peggy. When I mentioned this to her, she worked with me on a payment plan so that I could more easily accommodate my other financial responsibilities. I'm not going to sugar coat it, pilates is an expense if you want to take one-on-one classes with a professional (not those mat classes at gyms). In my opinion, the money has been entirely worth it! I look at it as an investment into my body's health, and my own self confidence.

Pilates has helped significantly reduce my daily back, neck, and TMJ pain. This summer is the first time in years I've felt comfortable throwing on shorts and a bikini for extended periods of time. Countless family members and friends have mentioned how much more toned I look, and comment on how much more confident I am with my body image. I try and supplement my twice a week, one hour sessions with one to two days of running...unlike some others, I have not had any sort of drastic weight loss, but I have definitely noticed a complete re-shaping of my body (especially in my legs, arms, and abdominal regions). Peggy is great about recommending other exercise routines to supplement pilates, and practices what she preaches! She also has helped me re-consider my diet, in a helpful and NOT lecturing sort of way. Even though there are days where I can barely speak through our work outs (trying to save every bit of strength and concentration for those strenuous exercises!), Peggy is always personable and genuine in talking about things that go on in our daily lives. I always feel as if I am getting top notch professional training from someone I also genuinely enjoy talking with!

I truly feel as if one of Peggy's greatest traits is her dedication to my personal improvement and health...along with that of all her clients. There are days (like today) where I come in after having slept wrong, having tweaked something at work, or just having pain in a specific area. Peggy works with me to address those areas, and follows up with me in our next session. She also recommends exercises for me to do at home (EVERYONE, GO BUY A FOAM ROLLER!!!) and shares her knowledge about the human body in terms I can understand :) In a year and a half, I've gone from barely being able to touch my toes to doing the splits and high kicks in my living room simply because I can. I know I have pilates to thank for this!

A quick note about some of the basics:
-Core Solutions is centrally located in Irvine, near the 5 and 405 Freeways, which makes it an easy drive from where I live and work.
-The studio itself is a great space, and has all the machines, equipment, room, etc. you need for a full body workout.
-Peggy is SUPER accommodating and works around her clients' schedules to the best of her abilities. I have a job that often times requires me to adjust the days/ times of our sessions; provided I give her a day or two of notice, Peggy always helps me to re-schedule so I don't miss out for that week.

I would definitely recommend Core Solutions to anyone, young or old, exercise pro or novice, who is interested in their overall body health and self confidence. Every session kicks my butt, and I'm so glad for it! Give it a try, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Ally R. [ 7/6/10 ]

I currently am in the fitness industry as well and was glad to discover Core Solutions for my fitness need as well.

I would highly recommend Peggy. She is extremely knowledge, friendly and definitely knows her stuff!! Pilates is a great way to strengthen your core and have fun also.

Give Peggy and Pilates a try you'll be glad you did.

Nancy D. [ 7/5/10 ]

Before moving to Irvine, I did Pilates at an international training school. Peggy Tung is certainly a top quality instructor, just as the trainers there were. I don't go to lose weight. I am sixty years old, but people always think I am years younger. I'm not thin - but I am strong and flexible for my age. I'll tell you the truth - Pilates is not easy, but it is always worth it. And Peggy has an excellent understanding of the body and always has a great modification of an exercise to work around an injuries or meet special needs. Doing Pilates with Peggy would definitely of value to anyone!!!

Kerry H. [ 6/29/10 ]

I have work with Peggy for two years. She is a lovely and very professional trainer. I lost 20 lbs in the beginning of 6 months and keep it until now. I definitely recommend her for everyone who is looking for a great personal Pilates trainer.

Bonnie C. [ 6/28/10 ]

I love working out with Peggy and she has helped me achieve my weigh loss goal.

April L. [ 6/28/10 ]

I have been training with Peggy Tung for over 2 years. I was referred to her by another fitness trainer who recommended her highly. She has provided me with a personal training regimen that focuses on core strengthening, balance, flexibility and toning of arms . Peggy's is extremely in tune to my physical needs/goals. At each workout session, she creates a routine that has undoubtedly lead to improving the quality of my life. It is due to Peggy's commitment to the well being of her clients, I have gained a new confidence in pursuing other physical activities that require core and balance. Her knowledge of physiology and anatomy is impressive! If I incur a "tweak" from traditional weight training or a strain from a daily activity, by the end of my pilates workout - I leave feeling great - as if I never had any physical issue. One unexpected aspect of training with Peggy was how pilates has indeed reshaped my body. Being 50+ and after three grown children, I thought this was a lost cause. Peggy's pilates is truly remarkable.

KC S. [ 6/27/10 ]

From my 2+ years of experience, Core Solutions Pilates rates the highest recommendation. Owner Peggy Tung provides a customized workout for each customer, tailored to the customer's special needs. She has an amazing ability to listen to the customer and adjust each workout for any new physical problems or limitations. She has an extensive knowledge of exercise and stretching techniques that have had a positive long term effect on my back soreness and overall stiffness without causing pain or injury. She also subtly promotes living a healthy lifestyle without being smug or obnoxious about it.

David P. [ 6/23/10 ]